Wes Anderson of Stationery Items

Wes Anderson’s blend of vintage and offbeat accessories, hand-painted portraits from his movies have held us spellbound for a decade now. If Wes Anderson movies were a stationery item it would be Field Notes. They bring back the “vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books”. Margot would be writing her play scripts on these notebooks, where Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom would be writing her notes from the collection of her stolen library books.

Field Notes carry a seductive lure of faraway times and fill our souls with adventures from Wes Anderson movies. I am for one always drawn for things that have a certain vintage aesthetics to it. So when I scribbled my notes on Field Notes pages, everything around me turned ornate, muted warm coloured world of 60s. To put it rightly it is the feeling you would get if you blend Wes Anderson’s visually warm movie direction with Hemingway’s writing.


You must have spotted Field Notes notebook on Discovery Channel. Field Notes notes are meandering meditations on all small events of our lives – to do lists that never gets done, budget calculations (when we realise creativity does not pay us a damn) , random quotes, witty dry humoured notes, observations and opinions, escape plans, list of people we plan to put in our will etc.

I am in love with Field Notes’ co-founder Aaron Draplin collection of Vintage Memo Books he has been “rescuing” from obscurity. He talks about Field Notes’ pedigree in this film: 

The stories behind each memo book is so beautiful and the covers makes us so nostalgic even if we are not Americans. This is the beauty of these books.

Stationery treats for eyes and spirit

To say that I’m a fan of Present & Correct’s stationery compositions is a massive understatement. I’ve been following the website for years now and am always impressed with their vintage stationery collections from old stamps to pick’n’mix treats of odds and ends. Even the presentation of the items on the site is minimalist and creative. It is almost an archival stationery!


The collection is a beautiful series of 100% recycled, letterpressed stationery, pencils sets, Red Riding Hood stamps, aluminium trays, book cases etc. What I love most about their collection is the minimalism, sterility and a creative restraint. These items contain just enough design and pattern that is not screaming for attention.

Reading the quirky product descriptions “Don’t worry, the General doesn’t mind. 12 pencils in a neat card wrap, the lead is indicated as being ‘hard’. Lovely condition for display or use” will keep you hooked to the site for hours. You have been warned.


 New Postal Style is a book full of ideas. Envelope ideas. Many different experiments into what an envelope is, with pictures, diagrams and measures for making each design. There are 50 designs in total. Perfect for pen pals and mail enthusiasts.


Each product from the Present & Correct encapsulates everything that is thoughtful, eloquent, silent and stately. Like if you had a dream about stationery world, Present & Correct would be your dream within a dream.

I was not a big fan of geometry lessons back in school but I was fascinated by the instruments the compass box packed. Drawing random patterns from the set, trying to do a different DIY Crafty stuff with them. To bring your geometric memories to life here is a  set of notebooks inspired by 80’s Geometric set.


Why stationery lovers love Back to School. And why you should too!

There is nothing like the first day of school. Full of promise the school year ahead is like a blank sheet of paper. We can still remember the neatly ironed, crisp school uniform, organizing the bag pack, the yellow bus waiting outside, opening the new box of crayons, finding clean chalkboard! Ah those days…

Although many of us have grown out of our grammar years and started out on our day jobs, we cannot deny that the we are still students, working our way to learn new skills, trying to make friends, struggling to wake up early and yes combing the rooms and raiding the wardrobe trying to find the matching socks pair  in the morning.  In some way or the other we keep reliving the Back to School Days. And so I couldn’t think of any better way to relive those moments than putting in some of the cute, fun stationery items for your day at school , college or office in this post.



  1. Cath Kidston – Clocks Lever Arch File Folder 2. Becky & Lolo -double tier canvas pencil case with stationery 3.Cath Kidston – Three  Tins Stationery  4. Dotcomgiftshop – handy tube of 36 colouring pencils

Marine Team Desktop Tin

Every time I stroll through PaperChase shop the products beckon me to take them  home. While I resist the temptation with years of practice, tin boxes always help me justify my purchase. There is always some stuff in the house that needs storing, boxing and, organizing. So there is no such thing as too many boxes. I think I might pick up some more for my friends too!




Here is my final list of essential stationery items. Do let me know if I have missed out any essential one in the list here.

Glue sticks


Ballpoint pens

Ink Pen


No. 2 pencils

Colored pencils

A pencil sharpener


Water-based markers

White glue


Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

A three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

Pocket folders

Printer paper and ink cartridges

A ruler with English and metric measurements

Scotch tape

A stapler

A sturdy, supportive backpack



23 signs you are a stationery addict


  1. You have travelled to the other end of the city to buy a diary.
  2. You have more diaries than you have ideas to store them.
  3. On a bad day nothing perks you up than visiting a book-store and browsing through their stationery collection.
  4. You scan the insides of a diary to caress the paper quality.
  5. Every time you visit a new country you want to scout markets looking for notebooks, pens and stationery items unique to that place. You have a fear-of-losing-out.
  6. In a house full of notebooks in every corner, your reminders, to-do lists are scrawled on multiple pages.
  7. You love faking about a possible financial crisis because of your stationery addiction.
  8. The wave of happiness sloshing in your heart on picking a new journal is immediately followed by panic – “will my writing be worthy of its gorgeous pages”.
  9. You might love your elite stationery collection but mass-produced, inexpensive school notebooks are ones you stick to for daily use.
  10. You hoard stationery from every press conferences you have attended.
  11. On the first day of work you ask the HR for the stationery kit and wait eagerly for it to arrive. Till then you daydream about its contents.
  12. You judge your new colleague by the planner she uses.
  13. You have subscribed to every stationery brand’s newsletter to get updates on new additions.
  14. You get into an hour-long conversation every time you meet a fellow-stationery addict.
  15. Staff at the stationery stores know your name.
  16. Your every dalliance with every diary and notebook has ended prematurely.
  17. You wish there was a career profile that involved travelling around the world and shopping for stationery.
  18. You can’t wait to have kids solely because you can buy more stationery.
  19. Every time a colleague quits the company, you wish they would pass on their stationery collection to you.
  20. You spend 5 minutes deciding which notebook to carry for your next brainstorming meeting.
  21. You spend the next 10 minutes deciding which pen to carry.
  22. Your friends have no difficulty deciding your gift for your birthday.
  23. You go to IKEA to buy boxes to store your notebooks and planners.

Peek into diaries of famous artists and writers


Still in a whirlwind in-between my old city and the new one, I was reminded of just how much I missed spending time-sharing my stationery collection with the world.  My over-stimulation for everything handwritten, handmade and illustrations often betrayed me from my path. The act of gathering itself is so rewarding that I began to find satisfaction in the process of research alone. So I nudged myself to put pen to paper, fingers to my keypad and fledgling attention span to the stillness of a blank page and reconnect with my community of art enthusiasts.

I have shared some handwritten gems by famous artists that inspired me to fill out the pages of diaries, notebooks, with words and illustrations. Especially the old ones which I had discarded half way through.



Handwritten lyrics for ‘No Pussy Blues’ recorded April 2006; released on ‘Grinderman’, 5 March 2007

(Credit: Nick Cave Collection, the Arts Centre, Melbourne)


alice1 alice2 alice3
(The British Library is exhibiting to the public the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript, handwritten and illustrated by Lewis Carroll.)

Mark Twain’s Handwritten Notes


Inventions: a potter’s wheel, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks


Frida Kahlo’s diary


Recently I got my hands on a vintage typewriter and small sketchbooks and diaries. After getting it I realized that however happy these objects made me I should be more aware of my the consumption virus and not become shallow collector of items.

We  often scout flea markets, malls, exhibitions and internet looking for design objects that we keep adding to our reservoir of stuff, often neglecting the experience our souls seeks. Neglecting to soak our consciousness in the very fabric of the design we so adore. And if the stuff does not act as means to a beautiful experience it ceases its role as an agent of art and design.

Stalking creativity


Having an archivist’s mind and curator’s soul are important to any creative process.

A month back, I got my hands on the year’s calendar by The Doodlers. What fascinated me, about their art was a light-hearted wickedness they brought to their sketches. Furthermore, there was an unprecedented level of chaos and an undifferentiated interception of  shapes and stories.

Such a beautiful art announced itself to distracting levels. So I listened to my hunch and decided to let our readers in on the creative minds behind these beautiful illustrations.

Neha and her creative partners Sameer Kulkarni and Abhijit Kalan, give us a sneak peek into the idea incubation and a drooling list of their tools of mass creation.

What do you feel when you stare at a blank page, before your illustrations take shape on the whiteness of the sheet?

The feeling is a combination of excitement, nervousness, sudden enthusiasm for exploration, inquisitive thoughts around discovery of something unexpected and many a times just plain challenging.

The mind is not always clear about what has to be done. Sometimes, there’s just an idea. Sometimes, there’s just a style or technique of illustrations in thoughts. Most of the times, there’s just a subject in mind. And of course, a lot of times there’s absolutely nothing in mind.


If someone issues a search warrant through your tools and sketchbooks, what are they likely to stumble into?

Like many art-loving people, we are suckers for stationery. Given a chance to spend a fortune in one night, it would be either for stationery, books or toys. While sketching, we are peculiar about our tools. Depending on the kind of illustration needed, the tools change. Some of the brands/products we LOVE are:

  • Rotring Pens  (Much love to those.)
    Black markers – Camlin/Reynolds
    Permanent Metal markers from Uniball
  • Apsara Eraser & Natraj Sharpener (Let’s not forget these two humble darlings)
  • Staedtler fineliner pens,
    Balls pens – Reynolds, any
    Staedtler pencils ranging from HB-8B
    Staedtler water colour pencils
  • Camlin artists water colours and photo inks
  • Brush pens
  • Water-based and oil-based Acrylics

And the reason we use a sketchbook is because it helps us define our sketches. Umm, not like we don’t sketch on separate sheets, but using a sketchbook just makes it more accessible and it keeps giving us a gentle reminder that we need to fill it up even more.

There isn’t any particular sketchbook brand that we use. What matters is the quality of paper should be great (especially if using Rotring pen on it), the grip should be good enough and size should be decently portable.
We have been buying sheets from paper marts and binding them as sketch books for the longest time. Now, we are experimenting with brands like Moleskin; but honestly, we find it expensive.

One local Indian brand of sketchbook that we recently discovered while making The Doodlers calendar was: Matrix Artist Pad. Typical art paper which has great GSM and quality.


What do you love sketching, just for fun?

We have more sketches that are personal/unreleased than ones done for larger projects. Basically sketching has been an inevitable part of our lives, unknowingly; until one day we realised that we should actually start publishing it.
Abhijit is extremely fond of sketching crows. In fact, he discovered his love for illustrations through his signature crows. He has created over 150 unique crows until now and I think the number will be never-ending. Apart from that, he has also sketched a series of elephants and other many random illustrations.

Sameer is brilliant with caricatures, sketches that involve perspective, animated character illustrations and doodles. He is very fluent at doodling on walls with his marker. He also likes to experiment with different stationery and tools while sketching through which unique styles come out.

And me (Neha), well I am obsessed with drawing lady-figures. My mom said that I was 3 or 4 years old when I started drawing them. It has become a habit that sketching eyes, hair and eventually a face of a woman is the first thing that will come out if I am given a pencil in my hand. There’s something about woman’s anatomy that fascinates me.

Stray their work here:

The Doodlers: