Our favourite tv actor’s trademark spy and deduction skills- From Dexter to Sherlock


It is quite amazing to see how a particular television show’s addiction translates into our daily lives. The obsession and the research and the perplexing cliff-hangers consume our lives. Many of us want to emulate the key skills employed by our tv heroes. The closest I have come to deciphering a blood stain on my book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy is that it belonged to an unfortunate mosquito who was killed by my sister (mom uses hand, dad doesn’t bother).  I have collated few trademark skills that empowers our favorite detectives to decipher the sequence of events leading to the present.

  1. Dexter’s Blood Stain Analysis: The diameter of blood stains increases as the height increases. What makes analysts recreate a scene of crime is because the pattern of blood is predictable in flight and after it lands on the surface. We all know that the dryness of the blood can help you decide the time when the crime has taken place. To know more about different velocity of blood patterns search Bloodstain pattern analysis on How Stuff Works.
  2. Sherlock’s Power of Deduction: Observe number plates of the cars and bikes. Glare at people’s Facebook pictures and see what their sunglasses are reflecting. Pick up a library book and try to gauge the reading habits of its previous owners. It goes like this – Pay Attention, Observe, Think, Analyze and Join the dots.
  3. Carrie Mathison’s Instincts: Listen to your gut. Follow the signs. That voice in your head telling you something. Listen to it. It is right. Activate stimuli of your instincts by questioning constantly on what people tell you.
  4. Dr Cal Lightman’s Lie detection: Study micro-expressions, facial twitches, body language and pupil dilation. Lightman studies animals and indigenous tribes to know the science further. You can do your own body reading by staring creepily at people or maybe your pet hamster and become a budding lie detector.
  5. The Mentalist’s Telekinesis Skills: Meditate to focus your energy and be present mentally. Study the salient facts, and relate to the situations on emotional platform. Do this fun exercise with your friend: observe people in a restaurant and try to guess their names and their sun signs. Then order penne pasta with white sauce and a tall glass of chocolate milkshake to wash it down with.

I felt betrayed when I realized that Sherlock Series 3 might be delayed further. While we sit waiting for the show to return soon and give our rusted brains a jolt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat and Martin Freeman are busy with other projects. It must feel really great to have your plates full with so many projects. So I need a project. To keep my mind engaged. To keep myself from pulling a Moriarti on someone. Any ideas?

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