After Meggings, what follows is Manorexia!


“Like he can’t purge his pain

Cause once he sees a mirror…. logic goes down the drain”

Cheeks that are more sunken than Titanic, hands that fall down limply like sour sticks and legs that can be used to remove what’s stuck in your teeth, – wasn’t that every man’s dream? Or is it another by-product of fashion industries’ obsession with extremities. Life, although living amidst coffee machines, interracial dating, red velvet cakes and hand sanitizers, can be made to look so pretty darn sad, is just too difficult to imagine.

This new medical disorder is now being ‘recognized’ and soon there will be campaigns to support body fat headed by Zach Galifianakis. And while women are obsessed with ‘water retention making them feel bloated’ and how wearing floral fragrance gives men an impression that they are thinner than they look, men will get obsessed with ‘beer retention’ and read books by some rising novelist “Is your girlfriend making you fat?”

The only thin men, women have ever loved are Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch (The Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek can cure swine flu. The poster is enough to keep us going for some time. But we have the official trailer. Check it out here:

Where was I? Never mind. Let the aesthetically confused be, all they need is love, and not some opinionated aggressive bee.

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