On Blank Paper – The unwritten words are only a pit stop for all things good.

Mansi Pal

Nothing ring me in the mood and restores my faith in humanity than getting a mail from one of my colleagues at work enclosing her views on Blank Paper. Such a delightful surprise! With our busy schedules, the thought of writing something that requires ethnic cleansing of many voices in our head is challenging. Special thanks to Mansi. Well, since I am sucker for everything post card, greeting cards, note cards, hand-written cards I am sending her a little thank you note which i hope is keepsake worthy.

Mansi is a kook who believes in Angels, but is skeptical about God. She is a backpacker of the mind and places, when at a pit-stop she reads, watches, dreams, drinks chai and clicks.Some of her travel tales sit at http://chaiaroundtheworld.wordpress.com/. All this might be a lie, because according to her hero, House MD, everybody lies.You can follow her https://twitter.com/mansipal

If you are a writer or an illustrator and wish to be featured on the Blank Paper Project do write to me! The project is a special little place to store all those soul-warming views on Blank Paper.

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