On Blank Paper – An illusion, of something deeper?


Today’s Blank Paper Project post comes from a comedic gem Ajay Tawde. Like me, Ajay is not bound by logic. Instead he is bound by the intuitive leaps of random fantasies just like his crazy and corkscrewy carnage that are his curls. Talking about his curls, I am pretty sorted on the zombie apocalypse front, as long as stockpiling food goes.

An account supervisor at Ogilvy, Ajay is a digital ninja with penchant for all things bizarre. An eternal ray of sunshine, Ajay is always on his music trip, never succumbing to the pressures of his work. You will never see him issuing snorts of displeasure or losing his temper.

Although you will see him sitting silently in one corner of the office, his past narrates stories of breaking down school walls, hiding in the refrigerator and being a total menace. To understand the unbearable lightness of being a poet, check his poems here http://umbellicose.wordpress.com/ . You can also follow him here https://twitter.com/umbellicose.

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