The Great Gatsby – The Insight

The Great Gatsby


Let’s kill all the glamour for a bit. Let’s silence the growing anticipation this movie is creating in all our hearts and stomachs. Let’s forget there is Jay Z, Beyonce, Fergie, will. i. am., Gotye and Florence and the Machine involved in its music score. Let’s for a moment ignore the decadence of the 20s.

In an attempt to express the grandeur of the era we have been in a smug smog of exhausting excess – the cloche hats, lacy dresses, suspenders, fedoras and endless gowns. But before we submerge ourselves in the wild narrative, I wanted to meditate on one of my favourite line from the book. Please share with me your favourite lines from the book.

One thought on “The Great Gatsby – The Insight

  1. The TV version is surprisingly good .. more faithful to the book than the filmed versions… with a touching scene with Gatz senior at the funeral.. and Mia Sorvino easily the best Daisy… The ending is identical to Baz’s version as well

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