Diary chooses the owner

My Diary

A glass pane that allows a faraway stare, a soulful playlist and a warm cup of coffee – while watching rain drops run down the window – monsoon is here! And it’s the time of the year to start romanticizing about everything. Even the city looks like it is sipping on whisky with a solemn loneliness in its eyes.

This is just the season to fill our pages with meditative writing, reflective doodle and artistic randomness. So I bought this Paperkraft diary yesterday and the pages call out to me to fill them with words, illustrations and dummy ideas.

I am starting a series on Blank Paper Project called the “Diary chooses the owner”. Here you will get a sneak peek into different sketchbooks, diaries, and notebooks of writers and illustrators.  Wish me luck. I am quite excited as you are. We all are sucker for all things stationary. So this will be quite a gratifying journey for us. Please tell me how you want these series to shape up as time goes.

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