Diary Chooses The Owner: Blocks Notebook

My sketch books are my totems— a place where I can stain my feelings, thoughts and ideas. I love carrying and buying notebooks that are light, and do not add to the luggage.
I mostly sketch with a simple Cello MY Gel pens. I love the Faber Castell Multimark too, but the quality of the notebook pages need to be good to avoid blots and spreads.

I got this Lego Sketchbooks during one of the promotional events in my office. It was a love at first sight. This compact notebook is perfect for small purses or sling bags. Perfect for downloading all that creative fodder at any given point.



Here are the few product details from the official website:

Brilliantly original new notebooks from Mark’s Tokyo Edge inspired by a certain building block. These A6 journals have 200 plain pages inside a soft, tactile brightly coloured cover. The contrasting colour parts are detachable, allowing you to customize your book but please note that we are having difficulty obtaining refills at present.

  • Size: 150 x 113mm
  • 200 page plain notebook insert
  • Detachable parts
  • Refillable though we are out of stock of refills for the time being


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