Diary Chooses the Owner: Letternote Notebooks



Don’t you love being called at the reception, with lovely Letternote Notebooks delivered by the courier guy. This is one of the happiest moments of my life.

Letternote Series have this lovely solemnity and minimalism very few diaries sport these days. Everyone in their run to design something kitsch and quirky end up being bizarrely imaginative and utterly shoddy.

Many of us get very hesitant to start sketching on a brand new diary, which I believe is belittling your own creation. Your work is more important than the diary in which it houses. I try to never to forget that.

Letternote Ideas Kraft notebook’s designs remind me to create something ‘Simple, yet Significant’ as Don Draper would say!

Since you folks must have received your salaries by now, it is good time to spend it on some stationery love. See the wide range of Letternote Stationery here: http://www.letternote.com/stationery.html. If i could have it this way I would want some sugar daddy to buy me the entire catalog. But Sigh! If wishes were unicorns…

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