11 things you will hate in your 20s

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Hate is a strong word. I try to avoid using the word ‘hate’ and replace it with despise, detest, or dislike. When I am not busy detesting something I am finding it difficult accepting its existence. Like those sneakers with a concealed wedge, or those full length jump suits (how do you pee?). Here is a list of things you will hate in your 20s (or at least I do).

1. Spreadsheets: A little part of me has died every time I have had to work with a spreadsheet. I have mentally shouted at the person who has given me this detestable thing by screeching “I am a fucking writer” and then kicked him into a bottomless pit 300-movie style.  Every time a writer is told to work on a spreadsheet by the evil spawn of a devil, an innocent turtle just dies under the weight of his own shell.

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