Diary Chooses the Owner – Rubberband

I am a pathological list maker. So I feverishly keep searching for new notebooks to write my lists on. I found these Rubberband Slimseries and liked their minimalistic design.


When I got the package from Flipkart, I knew I had a new addition to my stationery family. If you are on those who squeal a little every time you get a new package, and smell the pages of a new notebook/diary welcome to the Stationeryphile’s World.


The Rubberband journals have a simple design and you can start scribbling on these without any sense of guilt. They do not carry the exclusivity of Letternotes or do not make for a perfect art canvas like Moleskin.

I found these twins for Rs 120 at Flipkart which is quite a steal. Their non-discounted retail price if Rs 160.



The Rubberband collection includes wine and recipe journals, and notebooks with neon covers.

“Part of the appeal of a Rubberband notebook is its lack of embellishment. When piled alongside other journals and diaries in bookshops and stationery marts, the black cover notebooks with pop-coloured pages generally stand out on account of their striking simplicity. Mumbai-based industrial designer Ajay Shah, who founded Rubberband in 2007, told us that he kept the design deliberately understated. “I’m not a big fan of graphics, prints, and excessive details,” said Shah, a National Institute of Design graduate who runs a multi-disciplinary design studio in Mahalaxmi called the Ajay Shah Design Studio.” – Mumbaiboss.com



3 thoughts on “Diary Chooses the Owner – Rubberband

    1. Yeah using feels wrong especially when the notebooks are fancy. Rubberband Notebooks look regular so you don’t feel the guilt. But use them to make to-do lists or writing your spending/thoughts etc.

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