Ship of Theseus: The In-Between Notes

If the typewriter was entirely replaced, piece by piece and if the original parts were gathered up after they were replaced and used to build the second typewriter.

Which typewriter is the original vintage typewriter?

Ship of Theseus.jpg

The movie Ship of Theseus came at a time when I was philosophically parched!  It has the quality of a beacon. A cinematic proof that there are paradoxes of life and universe  left to express so artistically without falling into the murk of sounding too important or self-glorious!

I loved the dialogues between the Jain monk and the comedian. Lighter moments like  “The male silkworm can smell a single molecule of pheromone. If I had an olfaction as developed, I wouldn’t be able to stand your smell…” are intercepted with striking truth like:


This Doodle pad from LetterNote features the loveliest quote from the movie. In the background is my advance birthday gift, a Mi Pac bag. Check more here:


Here are some of my favourite quotes from the movie:

“It’s so oppressive, this obsession with final answers.”

“Every atom of my body will be recycled by the universe. You think you are a person but you are a colony.”

“U for Unilateralis Cordyceps. The fungus enters an ant’s body through its respiration. It invades it’s brain and changes how it perceives smell, because ants do everything they do from their smell of pheromones, right? So this microscopic little fungal spore, then makes the ant climb up the stem of a plant and bite hard on a leaf, with an abnormal force. The fungus then kills the ant, and continues to grow, leaving the ant’s exoskeleton intact. So, a small fungus drives an ant around as a vehicle, uses it as food and shelter and then as the ultimate monument to itself. And when the fungus is ready to reproduce, its fruiting bodies grow from the ant’s head and rupture releasing the spores, letting the wind carry them to more unsuspecting food. There, our entire idea of free will down the bin.”

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