August Rush of Stationery

This month has been as gracious to me as the Politicians just before the elections. August being the birthday month I received some brilliant notebooks and notepads as gifts. Stationery Treasury that is soon going to include an enviable collection of diaries, notepads, handmade papers, recycled papers, vintage envelopes and greeting cards.

My dream is to fill the entire room with stationery and explore my obsessive compulsive hoarder personality. Imagine world full of beautiful stationery. From postman to milkman – everyone owning unique notebooks and notepads.


More than how a particular stationery looks and feels, it is more important to know what it inspires you to create!


This Explore brown exercise book has been crafted using recycled paper. Size: 8″ X 5.5″.


Honestly I love the organic looks of this notebook. It has the old school notebook feel to it. You can take notes of the fresh materials from magazine and newspapers, spot travel trends, and keep updated with meetings and important events. Yes this notebook is perfect for anything text worthy.

3.jpgYou can buy this notebook here:

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