Blank Paper Project Reviews: Daler Rowney Fine Grain HeavyWeight

As I go scouting for another cooler notebook to add to my  stationery box, I am not bound by the location where it is stored. I have hunted for good notebooks at the gas stations, malls, book stores, online shops and even at the garage displays. But often I rely on a good friend to recommend me some notebooks.

Recently during my weeklong break, I was delighted to discover the Daler Rowney Fine Grain HeavyWeight notepad. So much so that, as soon I reached home I scribbled a line or two and made a list of movies to catch up on. The series is made by Daler Rowney in England and features some lovely icons on the cover page.

The blank pages are a perfect A5 acid free and nudge you to sketch and illustrate or explore creative ideas in full throttle.

Daler Rowney Fine Grain HeavyWeight .jpgBlankPage.jpg

I have been shying away from blank paper recently. The blankness has been challenging me – fist bumping my lazy mind and arresting my inertia.

I may have to dehusk layers and layers of inertia before I begin to write something meaningful and deep once again. And I have to do it now. Before another distraction hits me, before another cat video goes viral, before I get a ping on my Whatsapp, before the cute little purse featured on Facebook stamp advts calls out to me.


Before I leave, I would like to share a little write-up I found on Daler Rowney website:

“Consumers and businesses around the world today are more conscious than ever about green issues and looking to take an environmentally responsible attitude. And it’s no different in the world of art.

Normally consumers have to pay a premium to follow their conscience, but the new Daler-Rowney ecologically friendly drawing papers are offered for exactly the same price as their traditionally manufactured counterparts.

This new range of pads is an extension of the popular Fine-Grain range, but the paper is 100% recycled and manufactured with renewable energy. Every sheet is FSC-certified recycled and the pads are available in A4 & A3 sizes with weights of 200gsm Heavyweight paper and 120gsm Drawing paper.

Each Eco paper pad has 30 sheets, the same as the current Fine-Grain pads and is priced the same as the equivalent existing Fine-Grain pad.”

Green stationery is my ticket to guiltless shopping.

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