The Creative Life


I really consider myself lucky to have friends who know me well. Well enough to skip all the options and go in for a kill by gifting minimalistic designed journals and sketchbooks with blank pages to illustrate and sketch my thoughts.

Writing is intimate and comes from a place where you are honest, alone and incognito. It requires some kind of sealing yourself from the drone of this world.

I am closer to melding my passions together and bridging the gap between the art and relationships. Infusing creativity with people and their eccentricity often leads you on a journey that helps you explore new dimensions to your own abilities.

While we do that we enclose the varieties that act as a vindication against man’s nature to decompose day by day by choosing the familiar and the known.




Now coming over to this lovely sketchbook – when I held this diary for the first time I was floored by its modest, light-hearted artwork. It looked ancient yet modern. The meditative inked picture on the cover looked like an illustrated quirky dream – notice the heart motifs on the smoking man’s shorts.

Bechain Nagri the creators behind this sketchbook. They can be found here:

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