Kanye West: The voice of our generation


Where were you when when the world got introduced to Kanye West’s video Bound 2? Were you working on your spreadsheets? Were you finding a parking spot? Were you finding which Game of Thrones character were you? Did the video shatter all the confirmations ever known to you, in million little pieces?

Bound 2 confirmed Friedrich Nietzsche’s words: “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.” But the video did not, as many lauded it to be, exercise an abstract nothingness in a creative way. It did not philosophically create a “Gonzo” piece of reference, as one journalist referred. It did not artistically give us a glimpse into sexual grandiosity. It did it give our world a new culturally bend dimensions of audio-visuals.

Bound 2 was as much of a cultural sneak-peek, as it was an an exercise in  unprocessed fatuousness. And as Russel Brand said in his interview,”Facetiousness has as much value as seriousness”.  But not the value these pseudo-intellectuals are assigning it with.

Kanye represents a defiant siege of our culture where confessions rousingly creates music that is perversely real and incredibly relatable. It transgress the debates and dwells solely on survival and swagger. No wonder, humility in all its forms seems the most pretentious of human emotions.

Kanye West is the voice of our generation.  The words from his lyrics seem to be handpicked directly from the darkest places and the creative fervor comes from the most truest human emotion (borne from the pain, flourished in vanity). They thwart every attempt to tame the spirit, and that is when you see an art that speaks for its time.

Some of my favourite Kanye West quotes on creativity:

“For most people it’s easier to just agree. For me the hardest thing is to ‘just’ agree and that is what sparks creativity, the feeling that something can be better, the feeling that something’s missing. The feeling that something’s needed.”

“If people have done things before, you should be able to surpass them. It’s like, I’m on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum.”

“New ideas are an artist’s greatest gift… exposure is an artist’s greatest power”

“We have to rethink, re-inspire. Wash the brain, not brainwash.”

“We’re all works in progress… we’re paintings… the oil don’t dry till we die”

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