Your 2014. New Blank Pages to fill words with.

BPPNew Year gives us a chance to be whole new us. A whole new beginning is a happy state of being.   It allows us to create best versions of ourselves. This is a moment to get real, leave comfort zone and allow the blank pages to shape our year.  Instead of recapping the year let us take the year forward and make those dream projects a reality. Let it be the year of creative discoveries, finding truth and being true.

I want to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts on blank pages. Starting 2014 I want to incorporate all the suggestions I have received over the past one year.   I am going to get the project available for my German, Hindi, Arabic and Polish friends. A good translator tool and I will have a Translate option the website.  I am thankful for all my colleagues and friends who have turned into a family. Blank pages that turned into ideas and dreams that turned into reality.

So there are more diverse stationery products that will be featured on the website.  I resolve to review the best paper diaries and sketchbooks money can buy. I would really like to know your favourite notebooks too. So do tell me here.

A friend of mine from Muscat recently told me to create design column that features Diary Concepts – how notebooks and sketchbooks will be in next 20 years. I am really kicked about the idea.  Do you have similar ideas to share too?

Here’s to all pages we met

Here’s to all pages we will meet

Here’s to you, writing with vulnerability.

Here’s to you being shaped and inked with every word .

Happy 2014. Let all your resolutions incubate to create more interactions with a blank page.

The featured image is the Letternote I picked up last year.  

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