Travel Journals

photo(1)Day dreaming is beautiful. You can be a vigilante who tends to his bees by the day and uses them to attack the miscreants in the night, a gardener who grows carnivorous plants, a copywriter working for clients from parallel universe… 

Soon after watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty I was left thinking how similar the character was to me. If someone satirically adapts my daydreams onto a motion picture it would defy every logic in the world. I think I need to start cashing into my zone-out time.

Before I zone out again let me get to the point –  the point that the green colored travel journal shown in Walter Mitty movie has given me sleepless nights. It is a gift from Walter’s dad encouraging his son to travel and fill its blank pages with his stories.The letters ‘Travel Journal’ are etched in golden colour  and the front page has the outline of the atlas on it.

I combed stationery shops and online stores  looking for a similar one but could not find it.  So the next best thing I could think of is the travel journal from my favourite stationery brand Moleskine. Moleskine Travel Journal comes with 5 tabbed sections to personalise and has loyalty cards, checklists, calendars, travel information budget, trip planners, memorables beautifully charted for your ventures. With 5 x 8.25 inches the diary fits perfectly in your satchel. 


I have met many travelers in my lifetime, and I love it when they offer me a glimpse into their travel journals. There is always a thing or two that you can learn about travel writing from them.   I cannot wait to fill my travel journal with bills, receipts, Polaroid photos, doodles, descriptions, maps and sketches during my next trip whenever that happens. Till then I shall perch a tent on my terrace and zone-out to some dreamland. Bon Voyage.

Here is an excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Travel Writing book which was a gift from one the aspiring travel writers based in Cornwall.


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