2014 planners that will gaurantee a productive year.

Rubberbrand 2014 Planner
Rubberbrand 2014 Planner

If you asked me to name my favourite online shop for buying stationery, I wouldn’t really know which one to name. I love going to Virgin megastore, Landmark or design studios and pick up planners and sketchbooks that are minimalistic and intelligent. Yet my favourite sketchbooks and notebooks are the ones I spot in Festivals booths.

I picked this Rubberbrand 2014 Planner recently and I am totally impressed by the small pocket to keep cheques and receipts on the back inside of the cover. Smart touch!

photo (13)

I have picked up my favourite planners for 2014.  Yes I totally judge the planner by its cover.

Spiral agenda, Kate Spade


Owls Glitter organiser

00518198_largeBabushka Doll planner by Papemelroti


House of Cards, Jonathan Adler


Moleskine 2014


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