Peek into diaries of famous artists and writers


Still in a whirlwind in-between my old city and the new one, I was reminded of just how much I missed spending time-sharing my stationery collection with the world.  My over-stimulation for everything handwritten, handmade and illustrations often betrayed me from my path. The act of gathering itself is so rewarding that I began to find satisfaction in the process of research alone. So I nudged myself to put pen to paper, fingers to my keypad and fledgling attention span to the stillness of a blank page and reconnect with my community of art enthusiasts.

I have shared some handwritten gems by famous artists that inspired me to fill out the pages of diaries, notebooks, with words and illustrations. Especially the old ones which I had discarded half way through.



Handwritten lyrics for ‘No Pussy Blues’ recorded April 2006; released on ‘Grinderman’, 5 March 2007

(Credit: Nick Cave Collection, the Arts Centre, Melbourne)


alice1 alice2 alice3
(The British Library is exhibiting to the public the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript, handwritten and illustrated by Lewis Carroll.)

Mark Twain’s Handwritten Notes


Inventions: a potter’s wheel, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks


Frida Kahlo’s diary


Recently I got my hands on a vintage typewriter and small sketchbooks and diaries. After getting it I realized that however happy these objects made me I should be more aware of my the consumption virus and not become shallow collector of items.

We  often scout flea markets, malls, exhibitions and internet looking for design objects that we keep adding to our reservoir of stuff, often neglecting the experience our souls seeks. Neglecting to soak our consciousness in the very fabric of the design we so adore. And if the stuff does not act as means to a beautiful experience it ceases its role as an agent of art and design.

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