Why stationery lovers love Back to School. And why you should too!

There is nothing like the first day of school. Full of promise the school year ahead is like a blank sheet of paper. We can still remember the neatly ironed, crisp school uniform, organizing the bag pack, the yellow bus waiting outside, opening the new box of crayons, finding clean chalkboard! Ah those days…

Although many of us have grown out of our grammar years and started out on our day jobs, we cannot deny that the we are still students, working our way to learn new skills, trying to make friends, struggling to wake up early and yes combing the rooms and raiding the wardrobe trying to find the matching socks pair  in the morning.  In some way or the other we keep reliving the Back to School Days. And so I couldn’t think of any better way to relive those moments than putting in some of the cute, fun stationery items for your day at school , college or office in this post.



  1. Cath Kidston – Clocks Lever Arch File Folder 2. Becky & Lolo -double tier canvas pencil case with stationery 3.Cath Kidston – Three  Tins Stationery  4. Dotcomgiftshop – handy tube of 36 colouring pencils

Marine Team Desktop Tin

Every time I stroll through PaperChase shop the products beckon me to take them  home. While I resist the temptation with years of practice, tin boxes always help me justify my purchase. There is always some stuff in the house that needs storing, boxing and, organizing. So there is no such thing as too many boxes. I think I might pick up some more for my friends too!




Here is my final list of essential stationery items. Do let me know if I have missed out any essential one in the list here.

Glue sticks


Ballpoint pens

Ink Pen


No. 2 pencils

Colored pencils

A pencil sharpener


Water-based markers

White glue


Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

A three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

Pocket folders

Printer paper and ink cartridges

A ruler with English and metric measurements

Scotch tape

A stapler

A sturdy, supportive backpack



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