Stationery treats for eyes and spirit

To say that I’m a fan of Present & Correct’s stationery compositions is a massive understatement. I’ve been following the website for years now and am always impressed with their vintage stationery collections from old stamps to pick’n’mix treats of odds and ends. Even the presentation of the items on the site is minimalist and creative. It is almost an archival stationery!


The collection is a beautiful series of 100% recycled, letterpressed stationery, pencils sets, Red Riding Hood stamps, aluminium trays, book cases etc. What I love most about their collection is the minimalism, sterility and a creative restraint. These items contain just enough design and pattern that is not screaming for attention.

Reading the quirky product descriptions “Don’t worry, the General doesn’t mind. 12 pencils in a neat card wrap, the lead is indicated as being ‘hard’. Lovely condition for display or use” will keep you hooked to the site for hours. You have been warned.


 New Postal Style is a book full of ideas. Envelope ideas. Many different experiments into what an envelope is, with pictures, diagrams and measures for making each design. There are 50 designs in total. Perfect for pen pals and mail enthusiasts.


Each product from the Present & Correct encapsulates everything that is thoughtful, eloquent, silent and stately. Like if you had a dream about stationery world, Present & Correct would be your dream within a dream.

I was not a big fan of geometry lessons back in school but I was fascinated by the instruments the compass box packed. Drawing random patterns from the set, trying to do a different DIY Crafty stuff with them. To bring your geometric memories to life here is a  set of notebooks inspired by 80’s Geometric set.


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