Wes Anderson of Stationery Items

If Wes Anderson movies were a stationery items they would be Field Notes. They bring back the “vanishing subgenre of agricultural memo books”. You can imagine Margot writing her play scripts on these notebooks, Suzy of Moonrise Kingdom writing her notes from the collection of her stolen library books.

Field Notes carry a seductive lure of faraway times and fill our souls with adventures from Wes Anderson movies. So when I scribbled my notes on Field Notes’ pages, everything around me turned ornate, muted warm coloured world of 60s. To put it rightly it is the feeling you would get if you blend Wes Anderson’s visually warm movie direction with Hemingway’s writing.


Field Notes notes are meandering meditations on all small events of our lives – to do lists that never gets done, budget calculations (when we realise creativity does not pay us a damn) , random quotes, witty dry humoured notes, observations and opinions, escape plans, list of people we plan to put in our will etc.

Field Notes’ co-founder Aaron Draplin talks about Field Notes’ pedigree in this film: 

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