Project Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

We wake up next to our cats, in pile of books, with a job to go to, to having a mentor who believes in us, to getting that sandwich from our colleague when we are starving during a 4 pm slump. But in our rush to achieve the next best thing we often forget that we have to identify those people who enrich our lives and be grateful to them.

And since being grateful is a verb as much as it is a sentiment, creating a gratitude journal is a good way to give our memories a little jog. Also by making list we can plan to show our appreciation, big or small.

I know I’m not alone in believing that gratitude list help us grow as a person. So I am stopping here to give you the details about this project: share your gratitude list on your blog with a photo, on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, Vine or your preferred social network. If you’re doing this with friends let your pal snap a photo of something they are thankful for. It can be as simple as a taking a picture of a note written on a notepad that says “I am thankful I have a friend who loves books as much as I do”.  List people you are grateful to in your favourite journal; list them on a graph paper, list them on Microsoft Word, list them on your blogs. It is a simple exercise and you can use any medium you fancy.

So pull out that list; get super creative; show off your favourite notebook, journal diary, handmade paper, designs, sketches, graphical illustrations, photography in the background. Then take some pictures of the #GratitudeList and show us the final result using the tag #MyGratitudeList. Let’s get the whole creative community in spirit of gratitude (since we have millions of names in our head of people we hate). So I will go first.

Here is my Gratitude List:
1. Talkative Taxi Drivers – We know so much about a new city just by talking with you guys
2. My cat – By the merit of  just existing
3. Mother – For putting a smile on my face every time
4. Nurse – I do not remember your name but you gave me the strength when I was so low
5. Woody Allen – Helped me get out of the Writer’s Block every time
6. Anand Gandhi – For directing the movie Ship of Theseus that changed my life. This is a movie that I can watch every day and learn something new, each time. Dear readers, if you wish to watch the movie too, click on the link here:
7. Mentors – For believing in me and my writing and for fighting against the prejudices of people who suffer from creative myopia.
8. Kanye West – For making the best music records of the century
9. Shines – For giving the best gifts any vintage loving girl would want
10. Random Jogger – For helping me through a situation which can only be termed as a Divine Intervention
11. Diverse City I live in – It’s a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. Something I wish for all cities all over the world
12. J. D Salingher – For teaching me that the only religious thing a person can do is to act. To perform every action knowing God is watching and to execute it to perfection
13. Friends – For being so socially retarded, foul-mouthed, and entertaining me with your cocky quips

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