Happy Holidays from Blank Paper Project

2014 has been a Ferris wheel (hate roller coasters) of a year, one that has taught me so many lessons and has helped me focus on what is most important to me in life and work. As fun as it has been, it has tested me in many ways. I have been constantly challenged to choose genuine, original and real over duplicated and trivial. While I try to stay on top of new trends in the digital world, I am starting to get a little wary of the new innovations or the next app to drown us all in its wake. While the Google’s new self driver car is a kick-ass concept, “Things I learnt from riding a Google Self-driving Car” and other articles floating around on internet translates the new innovations to look impulsive and trivial. My job as a digital copywriter keeps me constantly updated about the world of internet and cell phone communication and information. I love it all, but with the same effect I find myself being propelled towards the old-school face-to-face conversations, letter writing, crafts, arts and silent creations.

Somewhere I hope 2015 brings something more real in the digital world. As I converse daily with the strategists, technologists, illustrators user experience designers, creatives, writers and analysts, I have come to believe that only way we can choose to create something real is by collaborating and creating a team that has a similar vision. A vision to disrupt, create and answers life’s biggest questions and exudes life’s most-real emotions. Hope 2015 helps me collaborate with some of the most brilliant artists, writers and designers and give my readers a glance into a world that is rich with unusual stories, inspirational content, rewarding books and delightful stationery items.

Wishing my devout readers Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2015.


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