Handmade journals


It is not as easy as it looks to find the right journal for all your practical and aesthetic needs. You could peruse through all the stationery shops and aisle and not find what you are looking for.

But a perfect anything is not necessarily found, it is created. Young creators Nadja Castillo and Enan Juniosa set out to achieve this with their range of handcrafted notebooks named Alunsina Handbound Books. They used a combination of DIY materials as cover such as hand dyed batik, tinalak and yakan textiles. For bigger journals, they use genuine cow hide leather.

10877718_762755050440590_650813984_n Alunsina Handbound Books utilizes Coptic binding technique for bookbinding using needle and thread to stitch paper bundles in a manner such that the journal papers flip 360 degree. This non-adhesive book-binding method was first used in 2nd Century AD by Christians in Egypt.


As each product is completely handmade, no two journals are the same.  There are minor variations in designs and finishing.10888218_762755447107217_1276313563_n

Follow Alunsina Handbound Books online Facebook ٠ Twitter ٠ Pinterest ٠ Tumblr ٠ Instagram: @alunsinahandboundbooks10904159_762757213773707_833396002_n

We could look at these products all day long and not get tired.

3 thoughts on “Handmade journals

    1. I face a similar problem. Somewhere we think our daily mundane jottings do not do justice to these notebooks. That is why I keep buying more run-of-the-mill journals for my work and preserve these artistic diaries for doodling, writing ideas and observations.

      1. I’ve realised the only sketch books i manage to use (with strict rules about quality) and the moleskin a6 watercolours. they are really great solid books.

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