List-making and note taking with Sticker Stack

Many of you here might have noticed that the notebooks and diaries that are part of our treasury induce a sort of ritualistic care and mindful behaviour. On the other hand, our crazy thoughts like bohemian gypsies jumping around in our minds, shamelessly, carelessly, with all the snot and sticky dirt on them. These thoughts cannot be barred out in the beautiful palate of great journals but deserve something too bare and raw. Something less intentional and less conscious. Like back of groceries receipts, mails, corners of books, back of old magazines or even newspapers.

Also I have noticed that some of our most sincerest notes are made on inconspicuous notepads or loose sheets of papers. I feel too confined and often scared of using a nice journal for drafting my thoughts. So often I keep really beautiful notebooks for list-making and note taking.

Currently I have been crazy in love with these retro-spring inspired notebooks. Sticker Stack is a shop offering ‘thoughtfully curated collections of modern Japanese and Korean stickers, stationery, and gifts.’ Their products are vintage-styled, clean and minimal. Browse through their collection and you will lose sleep till you check their online website and hit the Buy button.



Many of us do not have the luxury to grab a cup of tea, sit in the balcony with a pencil/pen in our hand and jot down the tremors of our fertile minds. Or see the seasons change as we type our way gloriously on our laptops. Maybe we all romanticized the idea but in reality writing happens while waiting for the bus, before we sleep, or in between belting along to work and our morning coffee. It is hurried, rushed, and often lacks the consistency it deserves.

00425305-retro-spring-notebook-v2_large 00425306-retro-spring-notebook-v2_large

These lists and notes that we make are often the diamond in dust-heaps. When you look back and go through them you discover the addresses you jotted while finding job, list of friends you included in your short visits, places you shortlisted to visit during weekends, groceries you planned to buy to whip up those Blueberry Oatmeal Crumble Bars (you never ended making). Such note-making makes our lives look more documented. It is a special feeling.

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