Sanctity of Creative Work Spaces

E.B. White

As writers, illustrators and designers, we are always in search of some experience that will shake our foundations, tug at our heartstrings and leave a lasting impact on our souls. We walk around the city, sign-up for workshops, dress up for a party – to be part of the various stories, ideas and narrative that inspires us.  But the moment we stare at a blank page we are intimated by its blankness, afraid to be arbiter of any sorts, scared of delivering any experience that we just witnessed.

This is where the need for that creative incubation, that honors both the creation and the struggle, is important part of writer’s life. That incubator lies at the amazing intersection between the germ of an idea and its creation. It could be a place of conscious meditation or unconscious brooding.

The way we question our surroundings is what defines the fundamental aspect our creative choices. The process becomes as sanctions as the art itself. Deconstructing the process helps us evaluate and further tune our thoughts. Creating that space preserves the intuitive mind and makes it safe for the silent world to jump off from our nerves and land on the blankness of the pages.

Now, take a sneak peek at these creative work-spaces of famous writers, painters musicians and tv personalities and be inspired.

Tim Burton


Hunter S. Thompson


Bob Dylan


Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser
Virginia Woolf


Pablo Picasso

How far have you gone to maintain the sanctity of your creative space? How rattled have you got while working in a space that you could not call your own?

So while we are mulling over creating that perfect space for creative work to flow, let us not forget the timeless wisdom of Charles Bukowski:Untitled

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