On the Dork Side – The Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd

Recently we explored the intuitive writing with all the flaws as being a crucial part of a writer’s journey. 
For years though the Blank Paper Project cataloguing we also explored how intimidating is a blank paper to an artist and a writer.

But we writers have another big aspect to consider – the awareness of grammar and its structure. It is when you trash, add, delete, and go surgical on your copy to help your readers get a fluid grasp of your story.

Many famous writers believe in ignoring the rules of grammar. But we lesser mortals have to stick to the rules before we learn to outgrow their gravity and float into the space of prose.

That is, know the use of parentheses vs. dashes. Be aware of how the intransitive verb ‘Lie’ is different from the transitive ‘Lay’.” Know when to choose the restrictive ‘that’ against qualifying ‘which’.

So when the guys at Grammarly contacted me to collaborate with them, I was quite delighted. You guys must have heard of http://www.grammarly.com? Now to celebrate the Dork Day, they came up with this interesting infographic. Do take a look.

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd Infographic

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