If everyday objects were alive

Peeking Chair-2Imagine if objects in our surroundings were alive. If it had a form beyond its function. If it followed a rhythm. Would it change how we perceive life? Would it change the way we perceive everyday activities?

Would it make our lives less mundane?

Juno Jeon’s project ‘Movement’ aims at answering this question. He imagined if all the objects in his room were alive. His research led him to a discovery that our brains needed to witness the unexpected.  “I found what really makes something look alive is not just the ordinary movement of the object but the unexpected movement which could make people surprised.”

In his interview with Blank Paper Project, the artist behind the “Pull me to life” series  talks about his inspiration and what gives that special abnormal characteristic to his designs.

Pull me to life-1 Pull me to life-2What is the creative process behind your work?

When I have a concept for my project, I usually render many drawings from the basic idea (I call it drawing research). This research is not only for shapes, style or color but also for fusing the concept into an object.

Drawing makes me break the boundary of limitation. I try not to think about all the realistic / practical issues. That gives a unique and abnormal character to my designs.

Yet, I do not ignore all the practical issues in the design altogether. However, if I consider them from the beginning, I will lose the character and the story I am trying to convey in my design will get lost.

After all the research is done, I make a book with all my drawings. This book becomes Bible for the project.


How do you dismiss all the conflicting thoughts in your head and focus on the singular process of creation?

In this process, drawing helps me again.

After being in the fairytale mode during drawing my ideas, I start to focus on the practical issues – production, efficiency and so on. I choose some of the ideas from my drawings and make small-scale models to see proportion, shape, and if they have any practical problems.

This is the second filter of my design. Through this process I can finally choose a singular idea.

Give us a sneak-peek into your typical day. How does ‘a Day In Life of Juno Jeon’ look like?

When I have to work on a project, I spent most of the day in the workshop. I work solo. Since I try to get some special, abnormal character into my design, my design became a bit hard to mass-produce So it takes me some time to make them.

There is a lot of work that goes into it, but it is fun. When I am not working on my projects, I am hunting for inspiration. I read a book, watch a movie, watch some sports and write a song.

Print Fasde drawing Peeking chair drawing-2 Peeking chair drawingWhat do you feel when you stare at a blank page before your art take shape on the whiteness of the sheet?

Before, when I used to be in front of a blank page, I used to feel some kind of pressure. That I have to do something cool on the paper. But I found that pressure pushed me away from cool stuff.

After a few years of doing this, now, I get a kind of free feeling in front of a paper. Whatever I draw or write it is original. I didn’t know that before.

Peeking Chair-3Tell us more about any other creative projects you have explored in the past?

Writing a song. My creativity comes from my desire to communicate with the world. Writing a song is a way to expose that desire. Of course, it is not some professional music that I am making. But it does help me to refresh my head.

fade - 2 fade - 3 fade - 1What are your can’t-live-without stationery essentials?

I would say a pen and a paper.

Peeking Chair-3


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