Immersive examination on blank pages

Blank pages nudge you to create visual chronicles of your mind.   

Letternote_IndianWomen.jpgWe meet  so many people every day. But we just float past each other without really trying to know that other person – what they love, what they aspire for, what makes them the person they become.

I am blessed with friends who understand my insatiable appetite for notebooks and sketchbooks and know that there is no better gift you can give a writer than the gift of blank pages.

This notebook is a gift from flirtingkaapi . It is a soft covered, shrink-wrapped notebook with 144 plain pages and measures 5 in x 8 in. You can document your creative chronicles, thoughts, feelings, hesitations, doodles and brain droppings on its plain white blanks.

This festival season, if you are at loss on the right gift to give your friends get them a fancy/minimalist notebook, diary or sketch book or make one yourself (nothing like going a little DIY instead of heading to a mall). You can buy the Letternote notebook here:


Rooted in reality – marinated on paper!


Here is a look at Nandan Joshi’s sketches – all come out to play in a palm sized blank paper. Nandan is a young copywriter whose art is ambiguous, smart, lively, and full of awkward sense of humor. I love art that doesn’t take itself too seriously and this is what I liked most about Dafty.

So here is little getting to know about the character – Dafty is a collage of doodles done with a Sharpie and an overzealous pop pink colour pen on small loose sheets.

Nandan’s sketches are explorations of witty imagery. You can follow him on Like him, his sketches too brim with everything unusual and perverse. His work desk is a depository of doodles, sketches, caricatures and illustrations.You can also follow him on twitter at @ponderpuffman.