Photoshop Battle Ignites To Raise Awareness About Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Among millions of people participating in reimaging Zahra’s world, this particular image by one of the users named Ged Maybury is turning to be the most powerful image in the history of photoshop battles:

The battle started on Reddit when UNHCR shared a picture of refugee child named Zahra. Photoshop battle ensued to reimagine Zahra in a better place. People joined the conversation on social media.

People are donating along the way to turn these imaginations into reality for Zahra. You too can make a donation through the UNHCR website.

Reimagine Zahra’s World

A study conducted by Brad J. Bushman of the University of Michigan and Amsterdam, and Craig A. Anderson of Iowa State University, aimed to prove that “exposure to violent media reduces aid offered to people in pain.”

With the refugee crisis in its seventh year and the world is close to hitting compassion fatigue. With donor apathy in the discussion, how do we get people to make an impactful change?

Ask Reddit

Reddit community is famous for its Photoshop battles. Millions of Redditors use their creativity and Photoshop skills to change the context of an original image.

For years, the participants of Photoshop Battles have been manipulating, uploading, and sharing dramatically altered reality. But for the first time in the history of PS Battles, an act of humanity played out.

This time, we asked the community to embark on a one-of-its-kind Photoshop battle. To reimagine what a refugee child’s world would be, if she weren’t stuck in a refugee camp.

The Case of Zahra

Zahra is a six-year-old-child living in poverty for four years. The Photoshop battle kicked off to reimagine Zahra’s world. The results were both adorable and heartwarming. Redditors reimagined her world in a safe place, in a warm cozy house, or next to a fireplace; with pets and new friends. They even gave her a trip around the world.

First the original:

Original Image from UNHCR

Photoshop Battle started to reimagine her world.


classroom copy.jpg


Cabin in Woods_TetsuboMTG.jpg

Hot air balloon_Makeworldsuckless.jpgorchestra_Charmmefirst

with cat_CantaffordEvian.jpgWaiting for a school bus_Charmmefirst.jpgKindergarden.jpgPet Dog .jpgSources: ur_help_to/


UNHCR: to turn the imaginations into reality.

Buzzfeed: photoshop-battle-for-good-2y7e9?utm_term=.uf745aYV01#.wpGgVYQ9wa

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